View the Polaris Investment Seminars from the past few years! The annual seminars provide information from the investment management and client services teams at Polaris. Each seminar details Polaris’ products performance, core investing topics, anecdotes from global travels to find undervalued companies, timely stock picks and projections for the coming years. Information about current portfolio companies, recent buys and sells and other important themes are addressed.

Audio from the Polaris team accompanies each PowerPoint presentation. Please allow 3-5 minutes for Adobe Presenter to load the presentation (grey screen in interim). Thank you for your patience.

2017 Seminar

2017 Polaris Investment Seminar

2016 Seminar

2016 Polaris Investment Seminar

2015 Seminar

2015 Polaris Investment Seminar

2014 Seminar

2014 Polaris Investment Seminar

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