We mine for gems in the lesser-known small cap universe, offering investors an approximate 60 to 80 stock portfolio of some of the world’s best smaller companies.

The Polaris investment philosophy holds true for the international small cap portfolio, as we seek undervalued companies with strong fundamentals — only diverging due to market cap. However, this is far from a limitation as there is an ever increasing number of small cap companies entering global stock markets. When investing in a new security for an international small cap portfolio, we seek to purchase companies with a market cap greater than $50 million and less than $2 billion. After the initial purchase of a security, its market capitalization may fall below $50 million or appreciate to greater than $2 billion. There is no formal guideline for minimum or maximum market cap of any one security in the portfolio.

The 60 to 80 stock portfolio has always been well diversified with investments in at least 15 different industry groups and countries. The industry/sector/country exposure changes gradually over time as a function of which small cap stocks are the most undervalued in the world at a given period. We are mindful of emerging market exposure, looking to limit investment in these markets to no more than 35% of the small cap portfolio.

Visit the PEAR TREE FUNDS website to obtain the latest reporting and fact sheets on the Pear Tree Polaris Foreign Value Small Cap Fund.

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