A benchmark agnostic diversified “best ideas” global concentrated portfolio of approximately 30-40 fundamentally-strong stocks deemed substantially undervalued.

The global concentrated portfolio is based off of our global multi-cap product strategy. The 30-40 stock portfolio is comprised of our “best ideas”, pinpointing stocks that we view to be substantially undervalued with very strong market projections. After completing a thorough stock screening, we then conduct extensive fundamental research to identify undervalued companies with solid business models. Frequently, we find timely buying opportunities when companies retain their fundamental strengths (i.e. market share gains, intellectual property, healthy product pipeline, good free cash flows, clean balance sheets) but experience stock price declines when investors react to short-term negative news.

In addition to pure financial analysis of a stock prospect, our research team triangulates, looking at industry trends, pinpointing market share prospects and speaking with competitors, suppliers and customers. We believe it is very important to collect as much primary source information as possible from each of these sources and assimilate this information to form more general views about the company, industry, global economics, and final stock selection. Only then are companies chosen for the global concentrated portfolio. Although defined as a “concentrated” mandate, the portfolio is typically well diversified across country (both developed and emerging), industry and market capitalization.

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